Tricia Noelle: Interior Stylist and Designer


April 06, 2017

Brand and Logo creation, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Brochure Website Design and Build, Marketing Material Design, Print, Print Design
About This Project

Tricia Noelle’s brand identity was all about her: her sunny personality and love of the eclectic. This was particularly evident in the portfolio of interior design and styling work she shared during our initial design meeting.


As a starting point, four key inspirational images were chosen from Noelle’s portfolio of work, each with its own distinctive colour: blue, orange, green and warm neutrals. These images were to provide the perfect inspiration for the entire brand identity – from colour to consideration of font.


The resulting logo design was formed around a script font to create a personal feel, as well as the use of an accent orange colour for the umlaut dots – a not to Noelle’s own quirky personality.


The website was to be a showcase of the large body of interior design and styling work already undertaken by Noelle. Vibrant images were chosen to celebrate these, with easy navigation to guide the user through the story of each project.


Functional aspects, such as an events booking system were seamlessly integrated to encourage user engagement and increase revenue.