PWAR Creative: Understanding Us

PWAR Creative: Understanding Us

Advertising design, poster design


February 10, 2017

Brand Identity, Marketing Material Design, Marketing Strategy, Poster Design, Print, Print Design
About This Project

Sometimes, the hardest brand identity to keep growing and evolving is your own! Inspired by an advertising project and the uncomfortable notion of self-promotion, the team were able to re-evaluate what it means to be PWAR Creative.


With the strong brand identity of black, orange, grey and white, PWAR Creative’s aim is to stand out and make an impact. This is true both of the business, but also of the work created for clients. In a demanding and ever-changing marketplace, it is our unique and impactful ideas that set us apart from the competition.


What better way to showcase this than with a creative depiction of a ‘light-bulb moment’? Utilising clean and uncluttered imagery and a simple tagline ensures this advert is clear, concise and to the point.


Riding on the success of this advertising campaign, the team had some fun re-imagining their own personal brand identity into their favourite characters!