POS UP: Technology Sales

Testimonial from POS UP

"Hannah from PWAR Creative has been excellent in understanding what we are trying to achieve and helping us to get there. Our website is clear and easy for our customers to navigate and we have already had some great feedback about it! Thanks so much."


May 15, 2017

Brand and Logo creation, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, E-commerce Website Design and Build, Print, Print Design
About This Project

In the fast-paced and highly competitive market of Point of Sale systems, this originally un-named company needed to stand out from the competition. Upon consultation, it was clear that in this technology-focused market, the customer valued speed and efficiency above all else. This was to be the focus of the resulting brand identity.


The POS up name was determined by using the industry-recognised acronym for Point of Sale, alongside a punchy but emotive word, alluding to the speed and efficiency of not only the products sold, but also the company as a whole.


The resulting logo showcases a playful composition of the word ‘up,’ which was used to re-emphasise the core brand message of speed and efficiency. The use of strong graphic icons is carried throughout the brand. These are particularly helpful in signposting the user to key areas of interest on the website.


The purpose of the resulting website was to stand out from the clunky, fiddly and overly complex sites of its competitors. Clean, functional and well-signposted links were utilised to make the purchasing journey simpler for the user. In order to display the often complex information required in a user-friendly and insightful way, the website also features interactive video content. The resulting e-commerce site provides a smooth and enjoyable customer experience.