Coffee Boy: Independent Coffee Shop


January 12, 2015

Brochure Website Design and Build, Loyalty Card Design, Marketing Material Design, Marketing Strategy, Poster Design, Print, Print Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing
About This Project

A full range of business growth and marketing activities was required for Coffee Boy. With a strong existing brand identity and a flagship coffee shop, it was important to further establish and grow the company, expanding into new locations.


A simple brochure-style website was developed with a focus on product and shop photography, showcasing the striking but simple concept and look of the store locations. Strong links were made to social media, in conjunction with a strategic plan of marketing activity to further grow this avenue, attracting and engaging the young target audience.


Eye catching poster designs complemented the light-hearted nature of the brand and could be used digitally across social media, as well as in print format, to further unify and strengthen the brand identity.