Base: Interior Design and Styling

Base: Interior Design and Styling

Full brand identity and logo creation, marketing and promotional material design and print


November 03, 2016

Brand and Logo creation, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Marketing Material Design, Print, Print Design
About This Project

The success of this project lay on effectively marrying the design styles of the two business owners to create a brand identity that clearly represented each of them separately, as well as the business as a whole. As creativity was the very nature of this business, it was important that the resulting logo was beautifully crafted with an elegant and classic design style.


Inspiration was taken from the work that the pair had completed to date, which was used to create a clear and sophisticated colour palette of muted, earthy tones. Texture was also noted as highly integral to the brand identity and so a pattern was developed and marketing materials were printed onto high quality parchment papers.


The resulting materials clearly showcase the style of the business, as well as indicating the creativity and quality that is at the very heart of this company. The branding created can easily be taken across a website and social media platforms as the business expands.